We believe in innovation by combining existing technologies.

About Hydrautrans

Specialist in Drive Trains

Hydrautrans is a wind turbine development company specialized in Drive Train solutions. We develop a dedicated +12 MW mechanical-hydraulic drive train solution, fit for the next generation of offshore windfarms.

Our vision

At Hydrautrans, we believe in innovation by combining existing proven technologies into a realistic, competitive product. The outside of the box approach in the design of the Hydrautrans Drive Train concept is the core driver of our colleagues and partners. Therefore, Hydrautrans is a unique group where traditional status-quo is challenged and questioned. We envision a next generation Drive Train to lower the cost of offshore wind and thus, the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) for the society.

Our mission

Hydrautrans strives to contribute to cost reduction in the offshore wind market, by developing an innovative drive train by combining existing proven technologies.


With the increase in wind turbine size for offshore application there are pitfalls for +10 MW offshore turbines.
  • Big direct driven generators increase exponential in weight.
  • High or medium speed generators also increase exponential in weight.
  • Increase of top weight leads to higher installation crane capacity which complicates the transport logistics and installation.
  • Gearboxes and related auxiliary systems have a high failure rate and a high maintenance need.
In these cases, substantial change in design will be required to accommodate larger turbine capacities. The Hydrautrans Drive Train overcomes this pitfalls.

The core of the Hydrautrans Drive Train concept:

Weight reduction

Installation solution

Modular design

Impression modular installation solution Hydrautrans and MAMMOET

Meet our team

Latest news

Hydrautrans is developing a hybrid mechanical-hydraulic drive train for 13+ MW offshore wind turbines. The hybrid drive train has a modular design and is currently designed with a capacity of 13MW and can be up scaled to higher capacities.

The Hydrautrans Drive Train (HDT) makes use of the patented Floating Cup Technology of INNAS. Hydrautrans and INNAS performed the cup and piston test, in collaboration with TNO and VDL ETG precision. The cup and piston tests were conducted to ensure the manufacturability of the cup and plunger for the HDT and validated the use and efficiency of the Floating Cup Technology in the HDT. The results, reported by Hydrautrans, of the tests showed an efficiency of around 99% and the absence of wear and tear. Further VDL achieved a very high precision in the manufacturing process. The measurements carried out by INNAS also showed low resistance. The hydraulic components have a high-power density which enables a compacter and lighter drive train compared direct drive turbines. The company is now looking for a wind turbine manufacturer to implement the HDT technology.

(Windtech International 11-10-19)

Drive trains are heavy components of wind turbines with high maintenance requirements. More reliable or lighter solutions can be direct drive generators, medium speed generators in combination with gearboxes with a lower gear ratio or the application of a lighter, more reliable gearbox. The Hydrautrans Drive Train potentially provides such a lighter and more reliable gearbox. In an earlier project the required pump and motor and the complete drive train: the Hydrautrans Drive Train (HDT) have been designed and conceptually engineered.